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AZ AZ.COM 2011 ZORGIUM: The owner of the unique content which we abstracted has a web page that our search engine cached here. For your convenience, our search engine enhancement has rendered it script and pop-up free. Proceed from our abstracted version to the owner's website in our frame page when you have determined you have further interest. We've included a hyperlink above in blue that will take you to the original fully formatted article and sources when clicked. We've also included hyperlinks to alternatives below in blue. AZ.COM AZ Zorgium provides endorsement free abstractions.

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#Web Design Compendium - High Quality Web Design Resources Feed Web
Design Compendium - High Quality Web Design Resources Comments Feed
Web Design Compendium - High Quality Web Design Resources

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All for $48 only!

Officially confirmed as the best existing offer for web designers.


We have accumulated over two thousand amazingly looking icons,
and the collection is still growing. Here you will find virtually
anything, from web icons, to social media, and e-commerce symbols.


Almost 2000 categorized fonts for various occasions. You will
find beautiful typefaces that will help you create posters, flyers,
yearly reports, business cards and all other typography related

WordPress Themes

This directory contains over 130 ready-to-use, high quality
and, what's most important, completely FREE WordPress themes from
world's leading web designers and developers.

PSD Files

Make use of hundreds of PSD files hand picked by our staff
especially for you. Web elements like buttons, menus, ribbons,
backgrounds, layouts and stationery templates, business cards and more.

Site Templates

Shorten website creation process down to minutes! Literally,
with this exclusive HTML templates collection you will be able to get
new websites up and running in no time.

Newsletter Templates

Dozens of amazingly designed newsletter and email templates,
ready to be used! We have both generic HTML ones, as well as MailChimp
and Campaign Monitor enhanced templates.


Beautiful and extremely useful textures for daily use. We have
anything, form wood to glass, from sand to paper, from grass to sky.
Whatever you're designing, it will be a great aid for you.

Photoshop Actions

Transform your photos or images in seconds. You don't have to
be a professional photographer to achieve amazing results, including
advanced photo retouching and editing. This one is hot!

Photoshop Brushes

These amazing brushes will make preparing your designs
smoother and faster. No longer will you spend laborious hours trying to
cut something out of a photo. This is your solution.

I'm a professional web designer with years of experience, working for a
London based agency. I was amazed how useful this resource appeared to be! -
Marc Ferguson, senior web designer

By signing up to Web Design Compendium you will get an instant access
to all the resources plus, free monthly updates for a whole year! Don't
worry, you won't be rebilled automatically. We want you to stay with us
only if You want to (but you will, promise!)
Get Instant Acces!-

Boost your design skills, equip your workshop with useful tools and deliver
top notch services to your clients. And, yes, that means you can now charge

We have assembled a team of web industry professionals, who browse the
web daily searching for the best existing web design resources. You are
purchasing a Premium Membership access to use their service - you are
not only getting access to all the resources we already have, but also
to anything we will add to the Web Design Compendium during the next 12
months. How cool is that?

We are constantly adding new resources for Web Design Compendium Members.
Right now we're preparing Photoshop Tutorials, Programming Tips & Tricks and
Vector Files collection. If you become a member now, you will gain exclusive
access to our future releases!

Photoshop Tutorials

We know that knowledge is power. That's why we decided to
extend our collection by giving you access to hundreds of professional
Photoshop tutorials which will turn you into a graphic design guru.

Programming Tips & Tricks

Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced developer,
these useful advices to help you create stunning and well functioning
websites. Categories covers areas like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or

Vector Files

We have tons of illustrations for you! Ready to be used in
applications like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Unleash your
creativity with access to items carefully, hand picked by our staff.

Be sure to secure your membership today and stay informed when new
resources are added. No more countless hours spent on trying to find
suitable resources. From now on, you will be given all you need on a
silver platter. We are also preparing a massive surprise for all
Premium Members in the forthcoming weeks. We are expecting some jaws to
drop after more details are released.
Become a Member-

From now on, you will be given all you need on a silver platter. No more
countless hours spent on trying to find suitable resources. Everything you
will ever need is here.

Copyright 2011 by WebDesignCompendium - This site and the
products and services offered on this site are not associated,
affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Adobe or WordPress, nor have they
been reviewed tested or certified by Adobe or WordPress.

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